Music Dealers Placement: CBS CSI: NY Promo 186 words · 1 minute read


What Our Client Requested:

Our client came to us looking for an upbeat, electro rock song that would work well with fast cuts in their promo. They mentioned that the track is for a show based in New York and if the song can be about or mention “New York” - it would be a huge plus.


From there, we sent one song to the client - “New York City Speed” by Kill Hannah. This track matched the brief perfectly and since the band had their lyrics posted to the Song Details, it helped us find this for our clients very quickly.

Decision Process:

We heard back a few hours later. The client was super excited that the song fit so well. Kill Hannah already had the instrumental version uploaded and merged on their profile, so we submitted both versions to the client on the original playlist.


Since then, we have received positive feedback from the client on the spot. From the band’s point of view, they have had a lot of great feedback from fans saying that they love the spot.

Final Product: