Music Dealers Placement: Covergirl TV Commercial - Intense ShadowBlast 244 words · 2 minute read

What Our Client Requested:

Our client was looking for something in the world of rock, indie pop, punk or dance. The commercial starred Drew Barrymore and was on the sexy side of things. A lot of genres to cover there so we agreed that we need something with “spunk”. Lyrics were preferred and just had to make sense with the video. No clear direction on that but it left us a lot of room to be creative in our pitching decisions. We did however have a rough cut of the commercial, so we had a great feel of the overall tone of the spot.


After searching far and wide through the catalog we sent in a lengthy playlist which included Salme Dahlstrom’s “C’mon Y’All (Klubjumpers Radio Mix).” Since we had the actual video from the commercial during the searching process, we had a really good feel for what was working and what wasn’t. We had a feeling that song would be in the running.

Decision Process:

Word came back to us pretty fast that the agency was interested in “C’mon Y’All (Klubjumpers Radio Mix)”. The only thing that was needed was getting the agency a high resolution file of the song, which Salme had ready to go. The entire process took about a week or so.


The agency was delighted not only with the way the music worked perfectly to the video but also how quick the whole process was.

Final Product: