Music Dealers Placement: Disney Parade 2011 228 words · 2 minute read

What Our Client Requested:

Music Dealers has been bringing acts to showcase for Disney’s advertising team in Orlando over the course of the last 8 months. The acts included local Orlando talent Terra Terra Terra, American Idol finalist Jeffrey Goldfold, Grammy nominated Matthew Santos, and Rock/Soul band J Timber.

They reached out to us for some songs for their holiday parade. The first piece they wanted was a re-record of their “Toyland” song.


From here out A&R and CARE team reached out to 6 artists that could really nail this custom piece. The first submission we received was from Uncle Jessie - we knew it was perfect and submitted it right away.

Decision Process:

The same day we submitted the song to the client - they told us that this was the track they wanted to use as everyone loved it. We worked with Uncle Jessie on a couple requests per the client including charting the drums and trumpet for sheet music so the toy soldiers in the parade can play along with the track. Uncle Jessie’s quick responses helped make this whole process happen.


With our outstanding lineup of composers on hand, Music Dealers locked down 3 custom theme songs along with 30+ custom scored cues. Disney could not be happier and Music Dealers is looking forward to a lucrative 2012 with Disney.

Final Product: