Music Dealers Placement: HBO Real Time With Bill Maher Commercial 210 words · 1 minute read

What Our Client Requested:

Our client came to us looking for a song to promote the upcoming season of Real Time With Bill Maher. Bill is notorious for speaking his mind and it was very important that the music reflects that. They were looking for something rock based with a tough edge.


From there we sent a playlist of 15 songs including “America” by Queen V. This track matched the brief perfectly as its a rock song that is edgy and strong both lyrically and instrumentally. The lyrics of the chorus are “Do You Hear Me America.”

Decision Process:

We heard back a few days later. The client said the initial playlist was right on point of what they were looking for and requested an instrumental version of “America” for editing purposes. Queen V already had the instrumental version in the catalog so we were able to get it to the client within moments. This was crucial as the spot was time sensitive. About a week later we got word that Bill himself gave final approval and that they indeed wanted to move forward with the license.


Since then we have received great feedback from the client quoting “Queen V is a big hit around here.”

Final Product: