Music Dealers Placement: Viasat Campaign 460 words · 3 minute read

What Our Client Requested:

Our client came to us saying that, as opposed to their usual upbeat, sports style promo productions, they had shot something more artistic and needed some music for the commercial that was going to “move people”.

The initial brief: The script – “Home Cinema” is a story about a boy who turns his home into a cinema (created a sign for the front etc etc) - it’s a very warm, charming story. It should be heart felt and warm and perhaps build up to a crescendo. If it’s lyrical then the lyrics should somehow relate to the script – does not need to be obvious I.e. Lyrics about making magic could work. Other key works – movies / film / create / home made etc etc It’s really pretty open – so anything you think is very strong pls send – it could be folk / orchestral / indie – whatever works.


We sent out an initial playlist which included the track “114” by The Majority Says. The response came a day later, that track had been very well received, would Music Dealers mind doing an edit to picture which, of course, we did not.

Decision Process:

One week later we were informed that the track was in the final two for review and could we provide them with some background information on the artist. Thankfully, The Majority Says had written a well composed and informative bio on their artist profile page which we were able to draw from. We also contacted their management to enquire about the release of the track which we were told was due for spring / summer 2012. Moreover, the client learned that the band is from Sweden and the spot, coming from a Scandinavian broadcaster in Viasat, was to be aired in Scandinavia so it looked to be a happy marriage. Finally, we were able to confirm that the track had not been used, to the best of our knowledge and record, in any similar or rival entity’s content.

All of this info helped sway the client and convince them that not only had they fallen in love with the track but that the artist was ‘buzzing’ and the track was relatively unknown and therefore added kudos and intrigue to the spot. We broke for Christmas but almost immediately upon our return we were informed that the track had been confirmed for the spot and that the client was absolutely delighted with it.


The feedback from the client since is that the spot has been incredibly well received and the track has been generating much interest and conversation online and that there may even be interest in extending the amount of territories it would air in.

Final Product: