Music Dealers Press: Emmanuel Seuge's Interview With Influencia in France 499 words · 3 minute read


How Coca-Cola’s brand can help young artists? Examples? How do you position your partnership compared to other music platforms such as Deezer?

We have a global partnership with a platform called Music Dealers who have a catalogue of over 10,000 independant artists and we leverage their catalogue for some of our global campaigns. For example, last year we used a up and coming band from Sweden called ‘you say France and I whistle’. They have written the song for our global Music campaign in 2011 and since then their touring has accelerated.

You have a partnership with the Olympics Game and the European Soccer Championship: What kind of communication campaign will you spread? Would it be worldwide? Can you tell us the big steps?

For the Olympics we have our largest marketing platform in times. We will run it in 100+ markets and we have tried to build a campaign that targets teens. Music will be at the core of our campaign as a way to engage the conversation with teens through the Olympics. Our campaign is based on the idea of merging the sound of sports and the sound of music …. Mark Ronson, renowned UK producer, went on a journey around the world to record sound of athletes and created a song out of it that will be released around the world in april.

You created a production music company links to David Guetta documentary. Content production is it a field in which you intend to reinforce to develop your strategy?

As you look at the communication landscape it is more and more cluttered so we need to be even more relevant than before to be relevant. That comes as well with the imperative of creating content in a very different way. Which is what we tried to do with Burn and the Guetta film, disrupting the traditional ways to engage with our audience. We will be doing a global Facebook release of the film later in march.

If you look forward, can Coca-Cola go further and start selling its content in order to propose media some programs (sitcoms, documentary, …)?

The monetuzation of content is definetly something we are looking at carefully. But for the moment we rather try to focus on value for value partnership, where we can exchange our ezxclsuive content with value from the partner.

Can Coca-Cola open one day movie theater and music halls in its proper name ?

All we do needs to answer to a strategic business need. We are not in the music business… We are in the beverages business and to answer our business needs, we are open to try any iniatives as long as its credible.

Do you think about creating your own media such as Mac Do TV channel?

We have launched in Latin America a channel called Coca-Cola.TV. Its definitely a place for us to release content and have a privatized environment. We are learning from that experience..

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