Music Dealers Processes: The Life Of A Song 434 words · 3 minute read




The process always begins with an artist creating a username and an artist profile. From here, they are able to upload a picture, bio and then upload music. The upload process is very detailed. All the info required is very important in making sure your song goes through our processes quickly and smoothly. They fill out our upload form and then click ‘Upload.’







Once the song is uploaded, it enters our review queue and taken in the order they are uploaded.







When your song arrives at the front of the queue, it goes directly to our Rights Management team. This is where our publishing geniuses check all your PRO info and make sure it is accurate. We also make sure that we can legally pitch your music and they are not attached to any major labels or publishers. If something doesn’t seem right, you will get an email with some questions.








Once all the PRO information clears, the songs are marked as “Review Ready” and enter the queue for the next phase: music analysis.







When your song arrives at the front of the review queue, it’s time for some analysis. Our CORE team listens to every single song from front to back and reviews. rates and tags it with between 200-300 different tags. Some examples are genre, BPM, mood, vocal theme, instruments, etc. This makes it easy for our staff and clients to find exactly what they are looking for in one click of a button. This is also where songs get approved or rejected.







Approved songs get reviewed and enter our Discovery Tool and are immediately available for all searches performed by our staff and clients. They are also available to be sent to the networks we have deals with. This is really when your songs are ready to do some work for you.







Rejected songs are removed from our catalog and the artist is sent an email with an explanation as to why their song was not accepted. Some common reasons for this are illegal samples, vocal tags, poor recording quality, and upload errors.







This is the songs final destination within the Music Dealers system before entering playlists and clients media. We have hundreds of clients with access to our Discovery Tool 247 all over the world to find the right song for their project.