Music Dealers Processes: Deal Board Submissions 733 words · 4 minute read


Our clients love getting custom music tailored to their project. One of the most notable differences between us and other licensing companies is our amazing artist community. Fact: No other licensing company has the ability to create the number of custom music options as quickly and with the quality that we do. If you’re an agency, do you reach out to a music house that puts one composer on the job? I think not. You’re going to tap Music Dealers so that real artists and musicians that are influencing the music world’s next sound can turn around hundreds of incredible options overnight.

There are a lot of things that lead up to opportunities being made open on the Deal Board. Below are the steps that go in to it, from the moment we get the brief to when we send in your submissions.

The first step is fielding the brief. Our Supervisors or Creatives receive the brief from the client, making sure that every bit of necessary information is compiled. The more information we can relay to our artist community, allows us to send the best, most accurate submissions possible.

From there, we take the brief and break it into a few separate sections so that we convey to you exactly what the client is looking for. The first section is the “music call.” This is the general brief info that we are looking to get from our artists. We’ll always include as much info in this section as possible to help you create the perfect song. The second section is “genre.” This lists the genres that the client is willing to accept for this particular opportunity. The third section is “emotion.” This can really help you get a feel for what kind of direction and feeling the client wants the song to convey. There are a few other sections such as “vocal/instrumental,” “duration,” due date,” “budget” that are pretty self-explanatory.

After everything is broken down into more digestible sections of information, we post the opportunity on the Deal Board.

Now it’s time to let you know we’re in need! We send a notification to all members subscribed to our “New Opportunities” emails each time we have a post to the Deal Board. If your band has multiple members and you want other individuals to receive these notifications, send an email to and say, “Please add Joe Schmoe to the “New Opportunities” email list. His email is”

Now the opportunity is created: email notifications have been sent out, and our artist community begin submitting appropriate suggestions. The next sentence is perhaps the most important in this entire document so read it carefully. It is of the utmost importance that you click the white “Details” arrow to the left of the opportunity titles and only submit if your suggestions fit all of the criteria listed in the brief. Our pitch team that works closely with the highest profile music supervisors in entertainment can promise you this: if you don’t have anything that fits perfectly, it’s better to wait and tackle the next one. Submitting off brief never helps you; it only hurts you in the long run.

After the Deal Board opportunity closes, our Creatives and Supervisors working directly with the client listen to all of the submissions and determine what the best suggestions are. Sometimes we have additional information such as videos, storyboards, replacement songs that we cannot release for legal reasons. All of these dynamics and considerations go into choosing the perfect songs for the client.

The client will usually tell us how many submissions they’d like to review. This can vary from 5-15 selectionssometimes more. Once we build the playlist of the best submissions, we send the tracks over to the client via our proprietary delivery system. From here, the opportunity is in the client’s hands, and they will make an agency/firm recommendation to the end brand/production. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months for those parties to make a decision. The time depends on many factors, and unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to expedite the process. Trust and believe that we’re as excited as you are, from receipt of the brief to following through on the submission, so as soon as we know the outcome, the Deal Board will be updated accordingly!

And that is the life of a Deal Board opportunity.