Music Dealers TV: Swag Splashin' With David Bass 129 words · 1 minute read

Music Dealers Television is proud to present a new video series entitled Swag Splashin’. This new series will feature episodes where our Dealers take select clients out and splash a little swag into their work day. We might be taking them to the dog races, or skydiving, or on a sightseeing tour of New York. Regardless of the destination, we show our clients a good time and capture the love and magic on film for all to see and share.

The premiere episode of the new Swag Splashin’ series comes from our UK Office. The lucky client, Dave Bass of Platinum Rye, gets a surprise at the dog track from London Dealers Paul, James, Hollie and Eric.

Check out the video to see the surprise, and David’s heartfelt reaction!