Music Dealers Artist Tips: How Can Uploading Lyrics Benefit You? 425 words · 2 minute read

Not only does Music Dealers like making our artist happy, we strive to make our clients as happy as possible too. Why?

Because it means more searches and requests so that’s more opportunities to pitch YOUR music! In addition to alternate versions of songs, we’ve also been getting multiple requests for lyrics. Last week alone, we had three artists miss out on placements because they did not have lyrics uploaded.

Below is some additional info on the importance of uploading lyrics, as well as a couple simple steps to open up your songs up to hundreds of extra opportunities each week!

Having lyrics uploaded can benefit artists in multiple ways. Clients often come to us wanting songs with a certain vocal content. Having lyrics uploaded to all your songs will result in your songs showing up in more searches when clients are performing a vocal content search. If you do not have lyrics uploaded – your songs are skipped in these searches.

Secondly, if a TV show is going to any family oriented networks, often times the clients won’t listen to submissions unless lyrics are submitted with the songs. If your song is perfect and we do not have lyrics, it could cause the song to get skipped over and a placement lost.

In the TV world, lyrics are most important. When pitching for opportunities for TV, deadlines are often so tight that we cannot reach out to get lyrics in time. We hate when artists miss out on placements because they don’t have alternate versions, lyrics, or any other simple content uploaded.

If your song is in a language other than English, try to upload the lyrics in that language as well as translated to English. We always have a handful of clients in a given week that request translated songs. Not all of our clients requesting a Spanish or Russian song understand the that language so they need to see if the vocal content is appropriate not only for TV, but the scene as well.

Uploading lyrics to your songs is simple. Go to your artist profile and click on the white details arrow to the left of the song title. From the drop-down menu select “Edit.” The first page of the edit form is the contract and Schedule A info and the second page contains all the song details. Scroll half way down the page and you will see a field for lyrics – paste the lyrics there and save.

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