Music Dealers Placement: BF Goodrich Tires - Web Series 149 words · 1 minute read

What Our Client Requested:

Our client came to us looking for electronic instrumentals for an upcoming series of web spots for BF Goodrich Tires.


The client had sent some of their past web spots to give us a better idea of vibe and tone. It became clear that the music needed to have extremely high energy so we sent a list of tracks accordingly. The playlist had a mix of electronic instrumentals that leaned heavily in the dubstep genre.

Decision Process:

A few weeks after sending the playlist we got word they selected “Killin It” by the Chicago dubstep trio Krewella. This track encompassed all the elements the brand was looking for.


The feedback has been enormously positive. The client reached out a few weeks after the spot went live to tell us how often people were commenting on the music and inquiring about Krewella.

Final Product: