Music Dealers Placement: Blue Moon TV Commercial 208 words · 1 minute read

What Our Client Requested:

Our clients wanted an upbeat feel good instrumental for their upcoming TV ad campaign. They were open to various genres as long as the sound was “light” and it gives the viewers a feeling of happiness. This commercial displays the different type of beers that Blue Moon offers so it had to reflect versatility to represent multiple seasons and changes.


Some genres that we often submit that have that “happy” factor are indie pop, folk, acoustic pop, and acoustic rock - nothing too driving or hard hitting. Our Creative team put together a playlist of 5-10 songs that fit the bill and sent them over to the client. On this playlist was Dr. Dexter’s song “Happy,” which was created for a different opportunity we posted on the Deal Board a few months earlier.

Decision Process:

The turn-around time for this opportunity was surprisingly quick. They selected Dr. Dexter’s “Happy” the next day and plugged it into the commercial.


Since the commercial aired it has been getting great feedback from viewers all over the US. The client was great to work with and they were happy with our turn-around time. We will be doing more business together in the near future.

Final Product: