Music Dealers Placement: Daily's Cocktails - TV Commercial 258 words · 2 minute read

What Our Client Requested:

Our client came to us looking for a summer jam that would speak to a female demographic for a new line of frozen drinks.

The song needed to be reminiscent of good times, while evoking the fun feeling of being outdoors on a summer day. Some references that were given to us for inspiration included Jack Johnston, Michael Franti and Ben Harper tracks; in other words the client wanted a cool track with hints of folk, rock and reggae. It was also explained that an instrumental song would work best because the spot was going to be heavy on the voice over.


We were able to look at some storyboards that showed us some of the scenes and sequence for the spot. Our team submitted a playlist consisting of a variety of songs that fit the brief. Some of the songs were more pop oriented, while others were more acoustic.

Decision Process:

The one song that caught our client’s attention was the track “Feeling Groovy” by Beathebeat. The songs upbeat acoustic feel followed by the change in tempo and chord progression midway through the song not only fit the creative feel they were going for, but it also meant that their team had more options in editing their footage. As a result, the client created 2 versions of the spot using different starting points for the :60 and :30 versions.


The feedback has been very positive, and we are now working on another spot for the same client and product.

Final Product: