Music Dealers Placement: Wiggle - Web Promo 224 words · 2 minute read

What Our Client Requested:

Our client wanted a positive, upbeat, instrumental piece of music that had an engaging and driving hook to it. The spot was to air across a wide demographic in selected countries across Europe, so it had to have broad appeal. We wanted to find something that struck the right balance of emotions required.


We went through a few rounds of selections on this, weighing up more energetic numbers with options that were positive and catchy. In the last couple of rounds we found a song by Alex Nackman called “Burn from the Rockets (Inst)” seemed to balance all of those requirements in perfect harmony. From the opening hook our client felt that it had a drive and a sense of optimism that carried throughout the spot.

Decision Process:

The entire decision process took about two weeks. During that time there was a continual dialogue between our clients and our UK creative team. The eventual selection was made after exploring a variety of avenues. This way we knew we had found the right song.


Since its airing, the promo has done well. Driving peoples awareness of the brand Wiggle. Our clients have since been back to us with a plethora of other opportunities, and were very happy with the consistent quality offered in each round of selections.

Final Product: