Music Dealers Site Updates: Artist Creation/Edit Form 742 words · 4 minute read

Last week we launched a whole new artist edit form to the Artist Profiles. If filled in correctly, this will help us find and pitch you for opportunities much easier. Not having ALL the info filled out will cause you to be skipped over for certain opportunities. All the info under the edit profile section is very important. Below are a list of some new features added and why they will help us help you.

Page 1: Artist / Band

Custom Music Opportunities

We used to use the Deal Board much more often. As deadlines have been getting tighter and our artist community expands, we want an internal database of artists that can create great custom music. You will see “Custom Music Opportunities” listed under “What are you available for?” If you click that box, you will see some other options that pop up: timeframe and genres. This will allow us to know what you are capable of and reach out to you when custom music is needed in your genre and timeframe.


As our client base continues to expand, we get different types of requests each week. Lately we have quite a few clients that want to know if our artists are members of any unions. Some clients only want union artists while some can’t work with union artists.

Individual Band Member Info

Certain clients need artist to be under or over a certain age to appear in their campaigns. This is where all band members and birthdates get entered. If this info is not entered, it could cause you to get skipped for age sensative opportunities.

Page 2: Payment


Although this isn’t brand new, it has been added in the past year. Having your payment method as PayPal (preferred) will not only save trees, but it enables us to pay you much quicker. We will cover all the PayPal fees that they charge to receive money so in the end, it costs you nothing.

Tax Forms

Once we place your songs, we need tax forms in order to pay you. Contacting you around payment time will delay your payment. Having your tax form uploaded will speed everything up and allow us to send payment to you.

*Note: we only need a tax form for the payee listed in the site.

Page 3: Contact

Additional Contacts

In the past, we only allowed one contact to be listed. While this worked for a while, we often times need various song versions, edits, and info at a moments notice. We have had artists miss out on thousands of dollars from placements because the contact was unavailable. Having multiple band members contacts listed will give us a much better chance to get ahold of the band when needed.

*Note: We try to contact the primary contact first. Will only contact the rest if it is urgent and the primary contact is not available.

Page 4: Social Media

Social Media

This section is very important. Clients looking to pair up with artists or get a better feel of who they are working with often time want to know more about the artist. While a bio and picture usually do the trick, sometimes they want even more. Seeing social media activity, numbers, views, etc. can really help land a placement or brand partnership.

Page 5: Biography

Buzz Points

Nothing is new in this section….yet. We are working on allowing artists to add Buzz Points to their profile. This way not only can we stay more “in the loop” with our artists, but our clients can as well. If you were a brand, wouldn’t you want to know what an artist you want to pair with is up to, what their fan base looks like, what press they have gotten, etc.? This stuff is very valuable information that clients love and they depend on Music Dealers to tell them what’s cool and hot – this will help sell you as an artist.

Page 6: Contract

Contracting Party

Contracting party is the person or entity that is entering into the contract with Music Dealers and is accepting the terms and obligations of the agreement.


Again, we cannot stress the importance of every field in the edit form being filled in and accurate. It will only help us pitch you and in the end, land placements and earn you more money! If you have any questions about any fields, please feel free to contact anytime.