Music Dealers Placement: Pantene "Dare To Compare" - TV Commercial 237 words · 2 minute read

What Our Client Requested:

Our client, Grey Worldwide, had been using songs from Music Dealers’ band Girls Love Shoes for behind the scenes videos and several web promotions. Their client, Pantene, fell in love with the band’s sound and came to Music Dealers asking for the band to customize a song for a new TV commercial. The commercial introduced the brand’s “Dare To Compare” campaign, featuring Eva Mendes and Pantene’s new Anti-Breakage Collection.


Our creatives worked with the band to identify a song with the right tone and lyrical content to match the commercial. The band came back with several great options for the client to choose from.

Decision Process:

The client gravitated towards the song “Ooh La La.” They believed the song resonated with the spot’s creative brief, but lacked something–a lyric, perhaps. At the client’s request, Music Dealers commissioned Girls Love Shoes to create a new version of “Ooh La La” with specific lyrics that fit the “Dare To Compare” campaign. The lyrical addition sealed the deal, and the song was selected for the spot.


The commercial has since aired on TV and online around North America with an overwhelmingly positive response. Viewers on YouTube were full of praise, some even writing Pantene to ask for more information about the song. The client and brand alike are now exploring opportunities to work with the band and this song in other capacities.

Final Product: