Music Dealers Placement: The Babymakers - Feature Film 182 words · 1 minute read

What Our Client Requested:

Music Supervisor Ann Kline was in need of hip-hop laced with a feel-good, mellow vibe.  Working on a gut-busting comedy slated for mainstream theatrical release, this called for something fresh.  And what’s more?  With just days before the films initial screening at SxSW 2012, time was tight, and she needed something that could bring the major label ‘heat’  but not take weeks to clear.


On this project, Creative ran through the Music Dealers Discovery Tool.  Being one of the biggest fans of the DTool, Ann knew she could rely on both speed and accuracy to get the best indie options on the planet.

Decision Process:

The accuracy of our DTool really helped her find exactly what she wanted.  Once she found the perfect song for the film, she sent us an email stating she needed Treologic “Colabo” for the film The Babymakers! The film was screening at SXSW in a week!!”


The feedback has been great, both for the music in our catalog as well as the accuracy and speed of our new DTool.

Final Product: