Music Dealers Placements: HBO - 24/7 Series: Mayweather - Cotto 500 words · 3 minute read

What Our Client Requested:

For the Mayweather-Cotto edition of the HBO Sports pre-fight series “247” our client needed a variety of music styles, from cinematic and epic scores, to hip hop and latin-flavored rhythms. Specifically, we were informed that there were two production teams working on this project - Team Mayweather, and Team Cotto. More music, Team Mayweather needed minimal and cinematic hip hop beats while Team Cotto wanted songs with a Latin beat and flavor. Our music creatives immediately went to work to source a diverse selection of great independent music to fit the needs of both these teams.


Because the editing teams were cutting episodes the week before the actual air-dates, and the series was going to run over 4 consequetive weekends leading up to fight night, we decided to submit music in batches. This gave us a chance to get feedback from the client’s editing team each week, so that we could fine tune our music submissions based on their needs. It also gave us a chance to watch each episode to really understand the flavor of that particular team’s work - and really understand the creative mindset and direction. It also gave us a chance to send them exactly what they were looking for. For this reason, even though we landed 2 songs in the first episode, it was not until Episodes 2 and 3 that we really gained tracktion, and started to see 3-4 songs being used in each episode. Our first batch of submissions included more mellow instrumentals like J. Timber’s minimal hip hop “Tea For Two”, and the atmospheric tune “Hip Hop Baroque” by Nicholas Pesci. After viewing the first episode, we realized that as the drama unfolded on screen, the music needed to get more intense and we started submitting more epic tracks.

Decision Process:

After episode 1, we received positive feedback and the client was happy to note that we were watching closely. We were ready to send more songs along the lines of their needs. Each Friday (one day before air date) we received a list of our songs that made the cut. Each Friday, a few more songs made it into the edit. Each following Monday, we received great feedback and continued on the same path. By week 3 we already had 6 songs in the series. On week 4, two days before fight night, and one day before the airing of the final Episode, we were informed that 6 more of our submissions made it into the last episode.


The feedback has been extremely positive, both for the series, and for the music in each episode. The drama and the build also helped propel the final fight night Pay Per View to new records. All the press thus far has been singing the praises of the Mayweatheer-Cotto series, and we are proud to have been involved in it - not so much for ourselves, but for all the amazing artists that made the cut.

Final Product: