Music Dealers Placement: Marbles: The Brain Store "Tour The States" 258 words · 2 minute read

What Our Client Requested:

Our client, Marbles: The Brain Store, requested that we assist them with their 2nd series of musical cd’s they sell in their store. The first series was made up of royalty-free music from famous orchestral composers, but this time around Marbles wanted to step it up by having a custom album created from up and coming Indie artists. The song topics would cover cool things you have always wanted to remember like the names of the presidents in order, states and their capitals, periodic table, bill of rights, etc..


We reached out to our community of artist via the ‘Deal Board’ with a brief on each song topic and waited for the results to start coming in. Our client was eager to play the position of music supervisor and help build the perfect compilation album.

Decision Process:

After the client nailed it down to a group of artist and songs that would make the cut, Music Dealers worked closely with those artist going back and forth with edits. Our client essentially played the role of executive producer and hand picked each song used on the final project.


The project manager, marketing director and even the company founder have all expressed how awesome the final project turned out. We have been told that our artist exceeded expectations well beyond anything they ever expected. We are already in the works to create vol.2 of the Brain Beats series.  Check out the video below featuring Renald Francoeur’s song of the USA state capitals.

Final Product: