Music Dealers Swag Splashin': Between Two Dealers -- Debut Episode! 145 words · 1 minute read

MD New York Dealers Antony and Tim star in this weird and funny pilot episode of Between Two Dealers, a Swag Splashin’ series with a dose of East Coast humor. What’s better than taking a client out and making them feel a little uncomfortable sitting on a cramped couch between two suited up Dealers?! Nothing, that’s what.

In the pilot episode of Between Two Dealers, Tim and Antony meet with Chase Misenheimer, Associate Music Producer for advertising agency mcgarrybowen. They chat about the industry and music placements in commercials, but things go terribly wrong when Tim tries to lighten (or rather, darken) the mood by putting on a pair of shades.

And check out the playlist they put together for the follow-up episode, where the Dealers prepare for their friendly yet serious Battle Royale with Chase.

To listen to the playlist, please click here: