Music Dealers Panels: CMJ - New York [This Week] 267 words · 2 minute read

At this year’s CMJ we have three members of our team speaking on panels.  Check below for the times, dates, panels and what members of our team are speaking.  Please come check out the panels and stop by after and connect with us.


Tuesday, October 16 @ 2:00PM  :: The Connective Tissue Between Content and Advertising

The term “advertising” in music is now quite diverse. There are new revenues and opportunities for the artist as well as new decisions to be made for the advertising executive. Maneuvering through the digital landscape is proving to offer real opportunities as well as real challenges. Join this panel of ad-hawks who will sift through the weighty current affairs.

Antony Demekhin  //  Director of Strategy & Content  //  Music Dealers


Wednesday, October 17 @ 11:00AM :: The Pitch Party: A Daily Lane for Opportunity

A panel of professionals from various yet critical worlds listen and respond to your media pitch. A different mix of panelists every day, including figures from record label A&R, publishing, radio, music supervision and entertainment law, will offer candid feedback and who knows what else?

Tim Lincoln  //  Senior Creative Director & Music Supervisor  //  Music Dealers


Thursday, October 18 @ 12:30PM :: The Real-Deal Breakdown of the Branded Placement

Trace the steps of a song to learn exactly what goes into a branded major placement. Exactly how does a song get aligned with a brand? What do the deals and the contracts look like? We will cover everything you need to know on major placements.

Kavi Ohri  //  VP Business Development (US East)  //  Music Dealers