Music Dealers Press: Marbles Brain Beats Featured In Parade Magazine 161 words · 1 minute read

Parade’s “Holiday Gift Guide” is out and the results are in: Brain Beats is the holiday gift for the trivia buff in your life! This Summer, Music Dealers teamed with Marbles: The Brain Store and Music Dealers artists to compose original tracks for the “Brain Beats” album, which offers a cool alternative to memorizing important stuff ya’ need to know but that’s super hard to memorize. These ain’t ya grandma’s mnemonic devices. Gift it to the smarty-pants in your life and you’ll win all the buffalo wings at trivia night!

Brain Beats also doubles as a great gift for children; the album is currently the fifth most popular seller in children’s music on Amazon. Smart kids achieve more and make the world a better place, and we think smart kids who like good music make the world THE BEST place. Perfect stocking stuffer- and you’ll be “the cool mom.”

Check it out pick up a few copies for this holiday season!