Music Dealers Events: Agency Two/Ten – Sour Punch 138 words · 1 minute read

Last month, Sour Punch presented this crazy DJ battle at the University of Illinois: Sour Punch LiveWire. The prize: the winning student DJ gets to play a Spring Break party in Panama City at Spinnaker’s on the main stage! The DJ host for the event was our artist KRNFX (the beatbox champ) and we’ll probably hit him up for some of those tight light-up glasses. We’d look pretty awesome wearing them around the office. Just sayin.

If you missed the party, this video will make you feel like you were there. The event recap video features the track, “Twisted” by our artists Standard Procedure and was a perfect choice for a dubstep-y good time. You know this is true because when you hear it, your insides melt and your brain starts to glow. Don’t ask us, ask science.