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Hit Brands: How Music Builds Value For The World’s Smartest Brands

By: Daniel Jackson, Richard Jankovich & Music Dealers CEO Eric Sheinkop

Sonic branding is an intrinsic part of the strategy of the world’s leading brands; the music they use has become some of the most famous on the planet. The use of sound and music makes brands instantly identifiable and helps define their personalities.

Hit Brands is a practical guide from three pioneers of music branding that will demonstrate how to use music to promote a brand with coherence and consistency, as well as how brands can best leverage music to deepen connections and build loyalty among its target audience. Case studies include: Nokia, Nestle, Coca Cola, Universal Music, Warner Music, Barclays Bank, Live Nation, Pepsi, Viacom, Syco, Orange, and Mastercard.

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Record Label Kings

Since their inception in the late 1800s, until roughly a decade ago, record labels had the power to make and deliver on myriad promises to new artists - all hungry for a slice of the fame and fortune pie enjoyed by their idols. Labels enjoyed decades of supremacy by consolidating the power of various facets of the music industry within themselves. In so doing, they were able to keep the barriers of entry into the industry high. So high in fact, that for years it was damn near impossible for an artist to have his or her music heard on any type of large scale without being signed to, and effectively owned by a record label.

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