Music Dealers Artist Tips: Having Alternate Versions Available Immediately 333 words · 2 minute read

Alternate Versions Are Very Important!

There is nothing our clients love more than having multiple version of songs available. I mean, what editor wouldn’t love the freedom to drop vocal in and out while editing your song to picture? About 80% of our clients request multiple versions to be available right away. If you don’t have alternate versions uploaded, there’s a good chance your songs are getting skipped over simply because of that. That’s no reason to lose a placement!

How To Upload & Merge Alternate Versions

To upload alternate versions of songs, use our “Add Version” field. This will speed up the upload process by using some info from your original version.

First, click on the details arrow to the right of the song you have alternate versions of.

When you click the details arrow, a drop down menu will appear with options along the left side. From these options, click “Upload/Merge Version.”

A box will pop up containing all the songs on your profile in case you want to merge an existing version on your profile.  If not, click “upload a new version” in the top right of that box.

Make sure to list the song as follows based on the version you are uploading:

Song Title (Instrumental)

Song Title (Minimal Vocals)

Song Title (Clean)

Song Title (Remix)

This will make it easier for the client to get the exact version they want. Finish the upload form and upload the song in 320kb MP3 format. Once the song is uploaded – it will be merged with the original version and the “Alts:” section on your song info will be switched to “Yes.” This allows clients to know at a quick glance if alternate versions are available which can make or break a deal.

When our creatives or clients are searching our Discovery Tool, they see whether or not an alternate version is available while browsing songs. So the more songs you have that say “Yes” in that section – the better.