Music Dealers Client Tips: D-Tool 3.0 - How Do I Create Exclusions In My Search 239 words · 2 minute read

Sometimes you start a music search not knowing exactly what you want, but you can tell us what you don’t want. This is why we decided to implement an exclusions feature into our new Discovery Tool. This helps narrow the results our D-Tool spits out to help you discover the exact song you need for your project quickly and accurately. 

Learn how to add exclusions to your searches below:

Option 1: Using the Search Bar

To create an exclusion when typing in search criteria, simply type in “not” followed by a space then the term you wish to exclude. In the suggested terms drop down, you will see an option with “exclude” in front of the term (figure a below).

Select that excluded term and your done. The term will appear as a red tag in the field above (figure b below).

Additionally, typing in “no”, “!”, or ”exclude” followed by a space will work.


Option 2: Using Side Filters

To create an exclusion when selecting from the side filters, click the”Exclude from Search…” button in the upper left. When the button is red, any of the terms you select will be treated as exclusions (figure c below).

Clicking the button again will turn exclusions off. Any terms you select after that will not be treated as exclusions (figure d below).


Additionally, you can toggle the exclusions on with the option/alt key on your keyboard, for a speedier search.