Music Dealers Client Tips: D-Tool 3.0 - How Do I Share A Playlist 473 words · 3 minute read

Once you have created a playlist via the D-tool your going to want to share it. How else will others experience the mind blowing quality of the music and your playlist curation skills. Well having previously been in that situation ourselves we made it easy for you.

Click on the Share link (figure a), in the right side tool set, to launch a Share Modal. This is the best and most effective way to bless others with your quality playlist. Copying the URL from the browser has the potential will create inconsistent results, and will usually block them from downloading tracks etc.

Option 1, Via an E-mail Address

In the Share Modal (fig b), using an e-mail address is best way to share a playlist with another person. If they are a registered user, it adds it to their playlist view. It allows you the ability to control the range of permissions they have on the playlist, View, Download, or Manage. This also allows you to grant download permissions to users without an account.

To share a playlist:

1) Add e-mails in the “Give Access” field (b1). By default all users have listen and download permissions. After they have been added you can modify those permissions at anytime.

2) If you would like to add a message, Click “Add a message” to expand the text box, and enter your text (b2). This text will appear in the e-mail.

3) Choose your notification options (b3).

Notify people via e-mail - Sends an e-mail with sharing a link to the addresses entered. The link contains a token that is their e-mail, this lets the site grant the appropriate level of access.

Send a copy to myself - Sends a duplicate of the collaborator e-mail above (same token) to the current user. If you shared with multiple collaborators the e-mail link will reflect the last e-mail added.

4) Click the Share button. Once a playlist is shared the added e-mails will appear in the collaborators section (fig c).

To change the user permissions, simply adjust the pull down next to their name, next time they login/follow the link their permissions will be updated (c1).

To remove a Collaborator, click the small x next to their name (c2).

Once removed they may still be able to access the playlist via the link but will not be able to download, as they are now anonymous to the system.

Option 2, Via a Link

Click the “Grab a Link” to copy the url to your clipboard.

This link (d1) gives anyone viewing access to the playlist. Unless they are logged in, or are shared via e-mail, they are considered Anonymous users and will not be able to download. Additionally Registered users who are shared with this way, will not have the playlist appear on their Dashboard or other views.