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This year college basketball madness reaches new heights with fresh sounds from the hottest indie artists spanning every region competing for college championship gold. And to help keep your competitive spirit ablaze between games, we’re bringing you the Indie Players Spark Madness challenge.

Turn up your speakers, listen to these playlists and tell us which of these New Indie Players of Madness is your favorite for a chance to win a whole lot more than just your pool.

Tweet your favorite artist name from any of these playlists, and tag your tweet with #TheGreatUnsigned, to be entered into a drawing for the chance to win a Great Unsigned swag pack and all access passes to your favorite artist’s next show in your city. Three lucky winners will be drawn at random and announced the morning of the NCAA championship game on April 8th.


Indie Players of Madness – Midwest - Playlist


Parker Theory

Beginning in the summer of 2000 by Jesse Pruett, Parker Theory has grown to become a powerful ?band with great melodies and unforgettable songs. With lots of emotion and energy this San Diego Rock band leaves you feeling good and wanting more. The band has played and toured with acts such as Switchfoot, Smash Mouth, Eve 6, Unwritten Law, Jason Mraz, and P.O.D.



Casii Stephan

With influences ranging from Broadway musicals to bluegrass, Enya & Switchfoot, Casii’s voice tells her story with a soulful conviction that doesn’t sacrifice a strong pop sensibility. Casting her “surety” aside, she’s embarking on the adventure of a lifetime as she writes her own reality, one song at a time.




Red Light Driver

You can describe Midwest band Red Light Driver as atmospheric with a British Rock & Roll swagger. Their live show consists of jangly guitar rock stompers and blasts of sonic psychedelia while fog machines, strobes, and other visual stimulants wrap it all up into a nice little spliff. RLD’s list of musical influences would take days to complete, but failing to mention bands like Echo & The Bunnymen, The Smiths, Love and Rockets and The Clash would do the reader a disservice.



The Product

Coming from a city that has all but collapsed due to the economy, this Detroit based rock band is literally making their move. After their initial EP release called “Break The Silence,” and their latest single “Make Your Move,” this band has had theme songs for TNA Wrestling pay per views, iTunes features, and was awarded #1 Unsigned band on





Indie Players of Madness - South - Playlist


Bronze Radio Return

“I just fell in love with a forty-five been kept alive in a box over 30 years old,” sings 24-year-old Chris Henderson, the front man of BRONZE RADIO RETURN. This lyric, from their full-length debut album, OLD TIME SPEAKER, begins to paint the picture that enables your understanding of the group and their music. Like listening to old Bluesmen, BRONZE RADIO RETURN is about the juxtaposition of the old and the new.



Canon Logic

In the Spring of 2010 Canon Logic quietly released their first full-length effort, FM Arcade. An eclectic album of powerfully catchy pop songs, FM Arcade is threaded together by an undercurrent of dark tension that bubbles to the surface on stand out tracks like “Nights at Armour Mansion” and “Dead Man.” The band achieved growing popularity in their native NYC, supporting acts like Oh Land and the Lemonheads, and headlining Bowery Ballroom. Singularly conceived and focused, Rapid Empire delivers the sound of a young band at their strongest.


Brooklyn Haley

Brooklyn Haley is a 16 years old singer/songwriter/actress originally from Academy, TX now residing in Burbank, CA. She has performed at venues like Whiskey A Go Go, the Nokia THeater Live, and the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Brooklyn has had the honor to open up for Alyson Stoner, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Gretchen Bonaduce.




Dave Padrutt/The Vig

All accomplished writers, composers, performers and multi-instrumentalists, Dave Padrutt and the members of The Vig reside in Cleveland, Ohio working in-house as the Music Production Department of The American Greetings Corporation. Dave has multiple film scoring and television credits to his name, including work for Warner Brothers, Paramount, American Zoetrope and Sony Home Video. The Vig is currently working on a follow up record to their 2010 Alt-Country/Americana debut “Around And Around And So On.”



Political Rivals

Political Rivals was born in June of 2010 when producer/composer Chris Cook and the singer/guitarist of Tin Can Phone, Matt Rusin, decided to start an experimental side project via the Internet. With the unique blend of styles and instrumentation the two musicians bring to the table, Political Rivals are making a name for themselves as true artists in the music industry.





Indie Players of Madness - East - Playlist


Cassette Kids

Growing up in the Blue Mountains of Sydney, Australia we heard of each other but never really met until two mutual friends brought the four of us together. In 2007, Cassette Kids emerged & began playing vigorously around Sydney. Word spread fast of our energetic live show & within a year we saw ourselves supporting our favorite bands on National Tours of Australia without even having a demo out. In 2008 we signed to Sony Music Australia & released an EP, “We Are”. Frenetic touring and recording our debut Album set up 2010 which saw us showcase in the UK, SXSW & CMJ.


Moxie Black

An outlandish music group from Portland, Oregon fMoxie Black features front man and fast-life storyteller iLLA and recondite mad scientist producer Dekk. In 2010 the genre-bending duo Moxie Black release their first full-length album titled How Did This Happen? Their up-beat songs are club-ready, their down-tempo songs will swoon, and everything in between represents an utterly unique collision of hip-hop and indie music.



Thelonious Dre

Thelonious Dre is a 19 year old producer from the Washington DC area. He has worked with Grammy award nominated Raheem DeVaughn and currently attends Berklee College of Music in Boston majoring in Music Business.




George Guy

George Guy brings a level of creativity to music that is unmatched. The depth and breadth of his talent is evident in his productions, with their characteristic unforgettable hooks and infectious melodies. With each new song, George continues to attract fans and admirers across the globe. George Guy is an artist to stay tuned to because his creativity and talent are sure to propel him into the league of top class producers.



Kill the Alarm

Fronted by New Jersey native, Garen Gueyikian, Kill The Alarm (KTA) is a band with deep rock roots. The edgy stepchild of Green Day and Matchbox 20, KTA is already being called part of the new wave of rock to come out of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. With this debut album, KTA is focused on bringing the live concert experience into the studio and has recorded tracks that tap the sound he has been seeking since he began songwriting.





Indie Players of Madness - West - Playlist


Kezwik & Protohype

A few years ago, Michael Jones met Aaron Simpson at a show and soon after began sending him music to get some feedback. What he didn’t know was that Simpson founded Simplify Recordings, a pillar of the bass community. Jones is now signed to Simplify, and releasing cataclysmic cuts at an incredible rate. The 16-year-old boy wonder out of Chico has shown these abilities with colossal cuts like “Trigger” and “Gravity” off his Get Dropped EP, and on ferocious collaborations with Helicopter Showdown and Phrenik.



Mr. Robotic

When dedication, creativity, and passion collide you get an explosion of artistic energy that is out of this world. It is in this alternate universe that you will find breakout artist Mr. Robotic. Mr. Robotic is truly dedicated to creating music that is more than a song, but an expression of art that resonates through your soul. Mr. Robotic is diligently and creatively mastering his craft, becoming a performer who prides himself on fun, creative music devoid of the typical profanity and lyrical content that characterizes urban music today.



Red Light Sky

Red Light Sky is a punk and hardcore influenced power-pop band from Los Angeles. The group formed in 2009. Guitarist Marc Wysocki, drummer Steve White, front man Matt Koruba, lead guitar player Jussi Karvinen, and bass player Derik Envy. RLS brings the full nine yards when it comes to high energy live performances. The band’s debut self-titled EP was released in the fall of 2010. Keep looking up at the sky.