Music Dealers Artist Tips: How To Edit Your Profile Info 177 words · 1 minute read

How do I edit my profile info?

We use information from your profile for a good amount of our pitches. The more info you have on there – the better we can pitch you.  Making sure that the info in your profile is accurate and up to date can make the difference between landing a spot or not.  Below is how to change, edit, and/or update:

  • Band Name

  • Band Picture

  • Payment Info

  • Biography

  • Social Media Links

  • Contact Info

  • Band Members Names & Birthdates

  • Contracting Party

  • Song Exclusions

To edit your profile info, visit your artist profile and click “Edit Profile” in the top right.  This will bring you to our edit profile form.

We broke our edit form into a few sections: Artist Basics, Contract, Preferences, Payment Info & Biography.  You can edit everyhting from this form. Make sure that you fill in as many boxes as you can – this all info will help us pitch you.

Once you have made the necessary changes, click “Save” at the bottom and it will save all the changes.