Music Dealers Artist Tips: How To Merge Alternates With Existing Songs 258 words · 2 minute read

How do I merge alternates with existing songs?

Having alternate versions uploaded and merged on your profile right away is the number one way to increase your chances of having your songs placed. These versions include instrumentals, clean/radio edits, and a capellas. If you have them uploaded to your profile, make sure they are merged with the original version. If on the song it says “Alt: No,” that means alternate versions aren’t merged and could result in your songs being skipped over when looking for submissions.

To merge existing alternate versions with the original, you will first need to click on the details arrow to the right of the alternate version you want to merge.

When you click the details arrow, a drop down menu will appear with options along the left side. From these options, click “Upload/Merge Version.” An alternate version box will pop up.

Once the box pops up - you will see a list of your songs.  Click the radio button to the left of the song title you want the song merged with and click “Add Version.”

When our Creatives and clients are searching our Discovery Tool, they see whether or not an alternate version is available. The more your songs say “Yes” in that section – the better your songs look. Around half our clients won’t listen to songs unless alternate versions are available right away.

You will also see if it went through by looking at your profile. If that song says “Alts: Yes” – you are good to go.