Music Dealers Artist Tips: Switch The Visibility Of A Song 174 words · 1 minute read

How do I change the visibility of a song? (Switch From Public To Private / Private To Public)

Whether a song is private or public, has no effect on your chances of getting it placed. With either visibilty setting, our staff, Creatives and clients can see the songs and pitch them for opportunities. The only difference is, if they are private, the public cannot see them if they stumble upon your profile.

To change the visibility of a song, click the details arrow to the right of the song title you wish to change.

When you click the details arrow, a drop down menu will appear with options along the left side. From these options, click “Edit song.” This will take you to our song edit form.

Under the section “Additional Song Information,” there will be an option to switch your songs from public to private.

Once you change it, make sure to save the settings at the bottom of the edit form. Once saved, it will direct you back to your artist profile.