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Music Dealers Invades Austin!

With 75+ of our Great Unsigned artists playing over 145 shows at this year’s music festival in Austin, we’re beaming with pride over our immensley talented artist community. 

Here are the shows you won’t want to miss if you’re headed down to Austin. Tust us. 


Saturday, March 9

Golden Bloom @ Rusty’s, TBD


Sunday, March 10

Sapient @ Highland Lakes Marina, all day

Turbina @ Hole in the Wall, 4pm

Renee Wahl @ Giddyups, 5pm

Jet West @ 311 Club, 5:20pm

White Mystery @ The Grand, 9pm

Trentino @ Molotov Lounge, 12am


Monday, March 11

White Mystery @ Stubb’s, 5:45pm

ECID @ Trophy Room, 12pm

Tuesday, March 12

The Chicharones @ Spiderhouse, 5pm

The Chicharones @ 512 Bar, 8pm

Kiven @ BD Rileys, 10pm

Twin Berlin @ Metal & Lace, 12am


Wednesday, March 13

ECID @ Laugh Lounge, TBD

Minor Characters @ Outdoor Barbarella Stage, TBD

Uprising Roots @ Flamingo Cantina, TBD

Minor Characters @ Outdoor Barbarella Stage, TBD

PMARTT @ Bat Bar, 12pm

ECID @ Spider House, 1pm

Autumn Owls @ Swan Dive, 1:30pm

The Chicharones @ The Grackle, 5:30pm

Knifight @ TenOak, 8:00pm

Midnight Spin @ Kick Butt Coffee & Booze, 8pm

The Clox @ 607 Trinity St, 7pm

White Mystery @ Hotel Vegas, 9pm

Sapient @ The Grackle, 10pm

The Kickback @ Avenue on Congress Rooftop, 10pm

Avi Wisnia @ Club Rain, 10pm

Vitera @ War Horse, 10:15pm

Turbina @ Javelina, 11pm

Roge @ St. David’s Historic Sanctuary, 11:15pm

Soul Khan @Townhouse, 12am

Sonido @ Javelina Bar, 1am


Thursday, March 14

Psalm One @ Dive Bar & Lounge, 12pm-6:30pm

Psalm One @ Papi Tino’s, all day

The Clox @ The Parish Underground, 12pm-6pm

Wide Mouth Mason @ The Continental Club, 12pm

The Kickback @ Papi Tinos, 12:30pm

The Limousines @ Haus of Hipstamatic, 1: 30pm

Via Coma@ Blind Pig Roof, 2pm

The Future Laureates @ Haddington’s, 2pm

Great Divide @ Rusty’s, 2pm-6pm

The Kickback @ Tiniest Bar in Texas, 3:30pm

White Mystery @ Gingerman, 4pm

Snowmine @ Papi Tino’s, 4:15pm

I am Dive @ Brush Square Park, 4:30pm

Autumn Owls @ Dart Music International Free Day Party, 5pm

Delaney Gibson @ Waterloo Ice House, 5pm

Golden Bloom @ Hyde Park Bar and Grill South, 5:25pm

White Mystery @ Papa Tino’s, 6:30pm

D. Gookin @ Bourbon Girl, 7pm

Covela @ The Vortex, 7pm

The Future Laureates @ Amped (Upstairs), 7pm

Troy Petty @ Amped (downstairs), 8pm

I Can Chase Dragons! @ The Parish Underground, 8pm

Covela @ Rowdy Bar , 8:40pm

Avi Wisnia @ Club Rain, 9pm

Gabe Kubanda @ Amped (Upstairs), 9pm

Great Divide @ Six Lounge, 9pm

Renee Wahl @ Giddyups, 9pm

Roge @ Elephant Room, 9:05pm

The Ivorys @ Bayou, 9:20pm

The Chicharones @ The Control Room, 9:50pm

Gabe Kubanda @ Amped (Upstairs), 10pm

Autumn Owls @ AMFM Magazine Free Day Party, 10pm

Gabe Kubanda @ Amped (Upstairs), 11pm

Via Coma@ Coyote Ugly, 11pm

Autumn Owls @ Blurt Magazine Free Day Party, 12am

Turbina @ Javelina, 12am


Friday, March 15

Soul Khan @ Empire Control Room , TBD

The Kickback @ Burnside’s Tavern , TBD

McAllister Drive @Six Lounge Tap Room, 11am-6pm

Renee Wahl @ G&S Lounge, 11am

The Clox @ The Parish Underground, 12pm-6pm

The Kickback @ The Lodge, 12-8pm

Deep Thinka Records @ Limerick Frazier Gallery, 12pm-10pm

The Die Nasties @ 7th & Neches, 12pm

Renee Wahl @ Giddyups, 1pm

The Wiley One @ Hickory Street, 2pm

Todd Kessler @ All Saints Church, 4pm

The Die Nasties @ Touche’, 4pm

Avi Wisnia @ Burnside’s Tavern, 5pm

The Ivorys @ Jason Stollsteimer’s, 5pm

Covela @ Blind Pig, 6pm

The Limousines @ Brew Exchange, 6:30pm

King Loses Crown @ Corner of 7th and Neeches at the Outdoor Stage, 6:30pm

Delaney Gibson @ House Wine, 7pm

Sydney Miles @ Sugar Circus, 7pm

Oddslane @ Amped Austin, 7pm

Macedo @ The Thirsty Nickel, 7pm

The Die Nasties @ The Blind Pig, 7pm

Golden Bloom @ TenOak, 7:30pm

I am Dive @ Red Eyed Fly, 7:30pm

Marcelo Fruet @ COPA Bar and Grill, 8pm

Declan O’Rourke @ 18th Fl Hilton Garden Inn, 8pm

Pumcayo @ The Whiskey Room, 8:20pm

Eminence @ The Jr, 9pm

Track Dogs @ Red Eyed Fly, 9pm

Todd Kessler @ Bourbon Girl, 9pm

The Die Nasties @ The Tiniest Bar in Texas, 9:45pm

The Adamski Kid @ Iron Bear, 10pm

K Será @ The Tap Room At Six, 10pm

The Adamski Kid @ The Iron Bear, 11pm

Desert Noises @ Javelina, 11pm

White Mystery @ 911 E. 2nd St. 12:45pm

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound @ Tap Room At Six, 1am

Sonido @ Copa, 1am

The Limousines @ Townhouse, 1am


Saturday, March 16

The Ivorys @ Club 311, 12pm

Seltzer @ West 6th Street Block Party, 2pm

ECID @ Metropolis Apartments, 3pm

Vitera @ Austin 360 Rock the Lot, 3pm

The Future Laureates @ The Chuggin’ Monkey, 6pm

Snowmine @ The Whiskey Room, 7:45pm

The Ivorys @ Barn Fantastico, 8pm

The Limousines @ Dirty Dog Bar, 8pm

Covela @ HandleBar, 8pm

White Mystery @ Hotel Vegas, 9:30pm

8 Kilometros @ Clive Bar, 10pm

Bronze Radio Return @ Rebels Honky Tonk, 10pm

Black Earth @ Karma Lounge, 12am

Diplomats of Solid Sound @ The Iron Bear, 12:05am

Soul Khan @ Townhouse, 12:30am


Sunday, March 17

Sydney Miles @ Darwin’s Pub, 5pm