Music Dealers Artist Tips: How To Add Exclusions To Your Songs 234 words · 2 minute read

How Do I Add Exclusions To My Songs?

One of our main goals at Music Dealers is to make every member of our artist community feel comfortable when we are working with their music.  We have all been artists - we understand how important and special your music is. This is why any deal outside a standard non-exclusive license, we allow the option for our members to opt out if that particular deal is not right for them. Similar to those deals, we have the most commonly opted-out categories listed within artist profiles that we give artists the option to be excluded from. It is done on an artist level now so no need to do it song by song.

To edit your song’s exclusions, go to your artist profile and click “Edit Profile” in the top right.

This will bring you to our Artist Profile Edit Form. Click the “Preferences” option at the top right and it will bring you to your options.

Under “Exclusions” are the categories that you can opt-out of. The options are:

  • Alcohol

  • Fast Food

    • Military
  • Politics

  • Porn

  • Religion

  • Tobacco

Click the check box to the left of whichever categories you do not want your songs pitched to and we will make sure they are excluded from any of those clients. Once finished, click “Save” at the bottom of that page and you are good to go.