Music Dealers Artist Tips: How To Check Your Deal Board Submissions 167 words · 1 minute read

How do I know if my Deal Board submission went through?

When submitting to an open opportunity on the Deal Board, it is very important to get songs in on time so we can review them and submit options to the client. With the timelines so tight, artists often wonder if their song was submitted correctly.  

One easy way to check is to go to your artist profile and click “Job Submissions” in the top right.

This will bring you to a list of all the opportunities you have submitted to since you have been with Music Dealers. If your submission is listed in there – we got it and it will be heard by our Creatives.


Make sure when submitting that your song fits ALL the requirements outlined in the brief.  Also, make sure you have the instrumental version uploaded and merged for all vocal songs you submit.  By submitting one version - it submits all the merged alternates along with it.