Music Dealers Artist Tips: How To Upload Music To Your Profile 194 words · 1 minute read

How Do I Upload Music To My Profile?

Once you create a username, the next questions is always “how do I get my music uploaded so we can begin pitching it?” The process is pretty simple.

First, make sure you create an artist profile for the artist you want to upload music for. Go to your home dashboard and click on your artist account.

Once you click the artist’s profile, click the “Upload Song” option in the top right.

Clicking “Upload Song” will bring you to our upload form. Make sure ALL writers and publishers are listed along with their PRO affiliations and CAE/IPI numbers. This will ensure that everyone will get paid correctly when the song get placed.


Fill out as much info as you can as it will all help you in the long run.


Once you fill in all the info, click “Save.” This will begin the upload process into our catalog. Once the song is finished uploading, it will bring you back to your profile and you will immediately see the song in your song list on your profile.