Music Dealers Placements: Chicks Dig Gay Guys [Film] 263 words · 2 minute read

Music Dealers had the privilege to supervise the hilarious new film, Chicks Dig Gay Guys.  With over 25 songs from our artist community in the film and trailer, it is sure to sound amazing.

A little about the film:

This film focuses on the hilarious situations men get themselves into when chasing after women. Discovering through a hysterical and heartwarming venture that in the end, it’s always better to be yourself.

Scooter has always been a lady chaser and prefers quantity over quality, while Brad has a different set of goals. One night the two find themselves in a situation that forces Brad to confess his true feelings. He wants to find the one woman for him, and settle down.

Later that night lonely Scooter gets the shut down of his life. Publicly humiliated by a woman’s gay best friend he is slapped in the face with a startling revelation. CHICKS DIG GAY GUYS! If you’re the gay guy, you’re in!

Armed with his new alter ego, Scooter finds himself living in his dream world, despite Brad’s disapproval. When faced with the moral decision to jump on board Scooter’s train of deception or to be honest with the girl of his dreams, he finds himself willing to do anything in a last ditch effort to get to know her.

The two embark on wild journey through the world of modern dating where the line between fiction and reality becomes a blur. Ultimately realizing it’s always better to just be yourself.

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