Music Dealers Artist Tips: How To Request Removal Of A Song 172 words · 1 minute read

How Do I Request Removal Of A Song?

We understand situations change every day for artists.  The Music Dealers agreement doesn’t have a term built into it, so you are not locked into working with us for any amount of time. If you need to remove a song from your profile, it is a very simple process.

First, click the details arrow to the right of the song title you want to remove.

When you click the details arrow, a drop down menu will appear with options along the left side. From these options, click “Request Removal.” This will take you to our song removal form.

At the bottom of the song edit form, you will see an option to request removal.  Check the box, fill out the reason and click “Save.”


Once your song has been requested to be removed, it is pulled from licensing contention right away and will not be pitched to any new opportunities. Your song will be removed fro our catalog within 30 days.