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Music Dealers Updates Discovery Tool Linking Artists And Broadcast Networks

Global music licensing company Music Dealers has announced the launch of the Music Dealers Discovery Tool Version 3.0, which aims to link independent artists, with reality programming and promotions across the MTV, Sony Pictures Television and ViaSat networks.

The tool allows broadcast networks to search for, discover and license music across a variety of popular productions.

Music Dealers works closely across over twenty countries, sourcing more than 14,000 tracks to shows including My Super Sweet 16 and Geordie Shore.

“In the fast paced media world it is critical our producers have the best and most efficient tools when selecting music for our shows,” suggests Sony Pictures Television Creative Director Paolo Moscardini.

“By providing us with the perfect blend of premium quality music from an up-and-coming talent pool representative of our core demographic, Music Dealers helps us deliver a highly personalised viewing experience to cultivate rich and meaningful connections with our audience.”

With a database comprised of almost 20,000 artists covering over 70 countries, the Discovery Tool’s latest developments include a “location” search filter and revamped artist profiles, which promise robust artist demographic information for their clients, across a multitude of industries and brands.

Music Dealers’ CEO and co-founder Eric Sheinkop states that, “the Music Dealers Discovery Tool represents disruptive technology at its best and for the first time you can search the world’s highest quality emerging artists all available and pre-cleared by way of the largest searchable database.”

“This platform was built to streamline the music discovery process, enhance creative projects for our partners and deepen audience connections, while providing artists the funding, exposure and distribution necessary to propel their careers to the next level,” he adds.