Majors Vs. Indie: Round 3 238 words · 2 minute read

Major vs. Indie: Round 3

We’re back with our weekly “Major vs. Indie” competition series where we take a major chart’s top songs and go head-to-head with amazing Music Dealers indie talent. It’s our own weekly battle royale where you get to be the judge and see who takes the cake.

This week we have an awesome selection of Music Dealers talent ready to go toe-to-toe with songs from Hype Machine’s Top 10.

Whether holding their own or reigning supreme, all of these Music Dealers artists are available for immediate use to deliver that extra punch of musical value to your projects.

Is there a clear victor? Take a listen and see what you think!

#1: “Jubel” by Klingande

MD Suggestion: “Obrigado!” by Buscemi

#2: “Concert Pitch” by Empire Of The Sun

MD Suggestion: “Cosmic” by The Special K’s

#3: “Bob Seger” by Atmosphere

MD Suggestion: “Crumb Getta” by Sapient

#4: “Atlantis” by Postijonen

MD Suggestion: “1991” by Robert Svensson

#5: “Lovin You” by Stwo

MD Suggestion: “Favriel” by Grimes

#6: “The Drop” by Bro Safari

MD Suggestion: “Problematic” by Kezwik & Protohype

#7: “No Diggity (Cover)” by Alice Jemima

MD Suggestion: Belize” by Blue Hawaii

#8: “Strong” by London Grammar

MD Suggestion: “Down Where I Belong” by New Found Land

#9: “Shabba” by A$AP Ferg ft. A$AP Rocky

MD Suggestion: “No Apologies” by D-Kel

#10: “Friends” by Eliza and The Bear

MD Suggestion: “Sirens” by Canon Logic