Music Dealers To Offer 'Musical Identity' Workshops For Spotify's Advertising Clients 224 words · 2 minute read

Music Dealers To Offer ‘Musical Identity’ Workshops For Spotify’s Advertising Clients

Global music licensing company Music Dealers has partnered with Spotify to offer ‘Sonic Identity Workshops’ for the streaming service’s advertising clients.

The workshops are aimed at providing global advertising and commercial partners “the opportunity to define their musical identity,” and help brands create a “consistent musical voice that they will be able to use across all communication platforms.”

Each workshop, facilitated by a panel of industry names, promises to dissect and analyse the individual attributes that make up a brand’s sound. Customer filters and curated playlists will then be created that match the brand’s sonic identity.

Discussing the project, Music Dealers CEO and co-founder, Eric Sheinkop said, “These unique sonic identity workshops created for Spotify’s advertisers, further reinforces Music Dealers’ ability to help brands utilise music in new and innovative ways to engage with audiences globally; and demonstrates our ability to constantly challenge existing music industry models.”

Spotify global director of ad strategy Gary Liu said, “This initiative will provide our key advertising clients with invaluable insight into how a strong musical identity increases user engagement and strengthens consumer relationships with brands, especially across the Spotify platform.

“We’re delighted to be able to tap into Music Dealers’ expertise and knowledge, and look forward to working closely together.”

By Rhian Jones for Music Week