How To Be A Discovery-Tool Gangster: Acquire Uncanny Music Targeting Prowess, NOT! 420 words · 2 minute read

How To Be A Discovery-Tool Gangster: Acquire Uncanny Music Targeting Prowess, NOT!

By Christopher Rucks | Music Dealers

Remember those awesome 90’s phrases? Like “far out” and “whatever” and “fly” and “phat?” Well we’ve gone to the graveyard of 90’s phrases and dug up one of our favorites to repurpose as a feature in the Music Dealers music search app, The Discovery Tool…NOT!

As in, “Oh, Mr. Silverman, you look amazing in that corduroy suit!” “Wow, do I really?” “NOT!” That’s right, make Silverman regret the moment he stepped outside of his house. Or, “Hey mom, this casserole you cooked is absolutely delicious!” “Oh, I tried a new recipe, it’s really tasty, huh?” “NOT!” Yes, the only thing she thinks she’s good at, cooking, rip it from your poor mother’s clutches.

So how does the “not” feature work. Well “nots” allow you to exclude certain characteristics from your song search and allow greater precision when honing in on particular music.

rock, not female So let’s say for example, you’re working on an ad. You need some masculine rock, but you know you want the spot to feature male vocals. You would type in something like “rock,” then, “not female vocals” and voila; all of your search results race back to you without a lady in the batch. Ahh, now you’re awakening to the power of the NOT!

Looking for a harder sound with your rock, try not pop and not pop rock. Suck the happy pop sound right out of your search.

Sax, no Kenny GHow about some jazz, but you’re not digging the saxophoneyou don’t want that Kenny G vibe, well go ahead and exclude that bad boy.

So get negative. Fill that screen with nots and get surgical with your searches! But you must logically not; you want to make sure you’re still leaving room for results to populate correctly.

If you enter in the search bar a “sounds like” search, say popular rock pop act Sum 41, then excluded “rock” as a genre, well Sum 41 is rock, so no results would return. So make sure your not exclusions make sense while conducting your searches.

We recognize you’re on a time crunch and often times, are looking for the best quality music as quickly as you can get it. The not exclusion is an intuitive feature designed to help you do precisely that, work quickly, work smarter, and be a more successful licensor. Get your “not” on and I’ll be back with more tips and tricks to turn you into a Discovery-Tool gangster.