Artist Tips: New Updates To Your Artist Profile 419 words · 2 minute read

Urgent: Please Update Your Artist Profile

We have been working hard to improve the upload function on our site. We’ve moved the contract from the song level to the artist level, which saves you from entering new contract information every time you upload a song. We also added the ability to upload your tax form to your profile. This way, we have it on file and don’t have to contact you for it, which means we can send your payments much more quickly.

To get started, begin by logging into your profile and go to your dash board. Click on the artist profile that you would like to update.

Once you get to your artist profile, click on the “Edit Profile” section in the top right.

Note: this is only required if you have a yellow box at the top of your profile letting you know that you have to update. If you do not see that, you have already agreed to our new terms and conditions.

The first page is ‘Artist Basics’ including name, photo, location and contact info. Make sure that is all filled in and complete and click ‘Continue.’

The second page is the contract details. Please make sure all the fields are filled in correctly and click ‘Continue.’

The third page is ‘Preferences.’ This page contains all your exclusions and opt-outs.

At the bottom, it says “By checking this box, I represent and warrant that the information I previously provided is accurate and complete.” Click that check box and the agreement will pop up.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the agreement and make sure everything is great. You can download the agreement in PDF format here. Once you have read it over, click the box at the bottom and click ‘I Accept.’

The next page is your payment info. Please make sure everything is filled out properly to ensure that we pay on time and correctly. We have made it easier than ever as you can upload your tax form (W9 or W-8) directly to your profile. We cannot send any payments out without the tax form so please make sure that it is uploaded and filled our correctly.

The last page is a biography and social media links section. These links are very important as it will allow us to learn more about you or send more info to our clients during pitches.

Once you fill out these fields, click ‘Save’ and it will bring you back to your artist profile.