Be A Discovery-Tool Gangster: Utilize “Mood” Filters On 298 words · 2 minute read

How To Be A Discovery-Tool Gangster: Utilize “Mood” Filters On

By Christopher Rucks | Music Dealers

It’s finally time to get moody. In this post, you’ll learn how to use the advanced mood search; a popular capability for music creatives. “Mood” represents several concepts: a crabby, temperamental state of being; a dysfunctional, sex-driven character from Showtime’s Californication; and most importantly, a very effective means of searching through the catalog based on moods and feelings.

Advanced Search Mood Under the advanced search is one of our most popular filter options: “Moods.” Mood filters are very effective search methods and useful for when you don’t have a particular genre in mind but you’re very in tune with the emotion you want to convey.

With mood filters, you can tap into a very diverse set of options and suboptions that are likely to return results you may not have not found with a basic genre search.

Advanced Search MoodsAs you select mood filters, they will automatically populate for you in the search bar, which can be a very speedy process when conducting heavy searches. Selecting a filter with an arrow opens up the available suboptions with which you can further refine your search.

Over the years, we’ve refined this capability to it’s now marvelous state by meticulously inspecting and tagging every song that enters our catalog. The key to offering precision searches is by listening to every song, front to back, and tagging the full spectrum of song characteristics so when you input search criteria, your results populate as anticipated. It’s deep within the details that we look for opportunities to create a better product and experience so you can in turn be more successful in your role. Get moody!

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