Discovery-Tool Gangster Series, Vol 2-Hey! Don’t Forget About The Advanced Search 318 words · 2 minute read

By Christopher Rucks | Music Dealers

There are so many awesome features that we’ve built into the Discovery Tool that sometimes we realize our clients may not know about them all. It’s like the button in your car that you haven’t used since the dealer showed you what it does, then you press it two years later, and it warms your seats. And you live in Denver. And your frozen buns would have appreciated that a long time ago.

So, in the spirit of helping our lovely clients license easier, quicker, and smarter, I reveal to you (cue celebratory/announcement horn section) the “Advanced Search.” That little hyperlink beneath the “Get Music” button takes you to a whole host of options with which you can further slice and dice search results for marksman-like musical-search accuracy.

Music Dealers Discovery Tool Advanced SearchFor example, one of the favorites among our most heavy D-Tool users is the tempo feature; an extremely important feature when trying to sync to a specific video.

Music Dealers Discovery Tool Tempo SearchLet’s say you’re working to find a suitable replacement track for a project that’s already been edited. This tempo feature allows you to hone in on a song that will perfectly fit into the work that’s already been done.

Adjust the sliders to the appropriate range of tempos you prefer. To specify one number, move both sliders to the number you need. Your selection autopopulates in the search bar. Then, you can key/select options from the drop down or add your search needs using the variables on the left. And voila, return results fitted to your appropriate tempo.

Music Dealers Discovery Tool Search ResultsOur developers have built in a plethora of other options into the advanced search as well. So when you login, check these features out and get surgical with those searches. Our goal, as always, is to make your music licensing process quick, simple, and superb, so you can continue to be great in your role. Until next time.

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