Understanding Tax Forms: W-9 For Individuals 310 words · 2 minute read

United States W-9 Tax Form for Individuals

In order for Music Dealers to send payment to our artists, we need a filled out tax form.  It is very important to know which one applies to you.  There are 4 different kinds depending on your situation:

- W-9 for Individuals

- W-9 for Entities

- W-8BEN for Individuals

  • W-8BEN for Entities

This blog post explains how to correctly fill out the W-9 for Individuals.

w9 tax form - Music Dealers

1. Name (as shown on your income tax return)

When completing your W9 as an individual/sole proprietor, please provide your full name.

2. Federal Tax Classification

As your federal tax classification, please check the box that reads Individual/sole proprietor.

3. Address

Please provide your current billing address in the line that reads Address (number, street, and apt. or suite number).

Part I – Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

Please provide your Social security number. Each of the nine cells should have one digit per cell.

Part II – Certification

If you have yet to print your W9, please do so now. Sign your name pen-to-paper on the line that reads Signature of U.S. person. Electronic signatures are not valid for your W9. Please write the date of your signature on the line that reads Date.

Once your W9 has been signed and dated, please scan your tax form back into your computer and proceed to your artist profile.

Upload To Your Music Dealers Profile

On the right hand side of your artist profile you will see the option to Edit Profile. Please click Edit Profile. On the following page, please select the option that reads Payment Info. Scroll to the bottom of the Payment Info page and upload your W9 in PDF format. Once you have successfully uploaded your tax form, please select the box that reads Save.