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The Music Dealers Artist Payment Process

So you wake up face down on your living room floor – you were a rock star last night. Suddenly, you remember why you partied so hard last night - Music Dealers sent you an email yesterday letting you know they placed your latest single in a large TV commercial for $70,000. Now what?

How will you pay off the 4 rounds of bottle service at the club last night? Can you go car shopping yet?

This is how the payment process works at Music Dealers.

The Deal Closes

Once we get 100% confirmation from the client, paperwork is drawn up and signed by our client & Music Dealers – this seals the deal.

The Invoice Is Sent

The clients are invoiced for the sync fees and demo fees (if applicable). Once they have been invoiced, they process the request and typically send us payment within 30-120 days. Once we receive payment from the client, the deal is marked as “Paid.”

Note: Payment to you depends entirely upon when we receive payment from our client.  

Your Payments Are Distributed

Payments are then processed and sent out quarterly. Our payment quarters are:

Payment Received From Client                 Payment Sent To Artist

Quarter 4                                                       February 15

Quarter 1                                                       May 15

Quarter 2                                                       August 15

Quarter 3                                                       November 15

Payments are sent out on the above dates. Paypal payments are sent first, followed by checks, and the entire payment process usually lasts for 2-3 weeks.

On your check, or in your notes section on PayPal, is where you will see a breakdown of what the check is for. If you need any additional information regarding your payment, please shoot an email to artist.support@musicdealers.com.

*Due to our notification policy, we only notify artists of placements $2,500 and over.

Learn how to update your payment info here.