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Music Dealers 101: Sourcing Tracks Effortlessly On

Ever wonder if you’re using MusicDealers.comthe ultimate music discovery and licensing platform for authentic music to its fullest potential? 

In this very cool “how to” video, watch how we demonstrate 6 everyday tips when sourcing music on 

The 6 Everyday Tips Showcased In The Video and Their Benefits:

1) “Similar To” or Sounds Like: Enter a popular act in the search box or use the “Similar To” feature on the left side of the advanced search tools to find music based on music you already know.

2) PRO/Publishing Quickview: Expand the details arrow to quickly find an artist’s Performance Rights Organization (PRO) and publishing information.

3) Favorites: Mark or flag a song as a favorite to quickly access for later use.

4) Multiple Search Terms: Enter multiple search terms to target the right sound for your projects.

5) Waveform Fast Forwarding: Quickly skip through a song by clicking a specific point within the waveform.

6) Share Playlist: Share a playlist of your music selections with colleagues for project efficiency.

Check out the video again to see if you caught them all!

Why don’t we start you off with a few search terms on

Genre: Indie

Mood: Positive/Optimistic

Instrument: Synthesizer

Vocal/Instrument: Vocal

Try searching for youself…


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By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers