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By Christopher Rucks | Music Dealers

2013 was kind of a ridiculous year. Miley Cyrus introduced the world to “twerking” and mortified half of the country while dancing upon the Beetlejuice-suited Robin Thicke during the VMA’s. Stodgy senior’s collectively gasped in horror.

The holy union of “Kimye” (Kanye and Kim) spawned the mythical being known as North West. 

Breaking Bad had the world rooting for the ruthless, meth cooking, drug kingpin, Heisenberg.

Pharrell, America’s favorite producer, defined the sound of summer and dominated the charts as the force behind Daft Punk’s, “Get Lucky,” and Thicke’s controversial, “Blurred Lines.” 

And Music Dealers™, being the world’s “Go To” music solution when these chart toppers are out of budget, spent 2013 acquiring top talent who were creating similar sounds and buzzing music.

There were a number of other things that made 2013 an exciting year for Music Dealers. If you were one of the poor, unfortunate souls that missed some of our absurdly cool blog content, our artists, or some of the fantastic artist/client collaborations from 2013, fear not, we’ve got you covered. Below is the official Music Dealers “Top of 2013” list. This is a lot of exciting stimulation at one time, so you may want to take short breaks as you ingest. 

The Top 3 Articles On

The Day The Music Dies: What’s Really At Stake When Licensing Music The Day The Music Dies: What’s Really At Stake When Licensing Music

A serious piece that outlines our stance against the “bottom of the barrel” approach to music licensing and discusses the commoditization of music and bottomed-out fees for artists.

“I Need The Fuzziest Song You Have!” Do You Speak Muketing [Music + Marketing]?

One of our funniest blog articles that details the exotic language people use to describe the music they’re looking for. It showed how deeply creatives can get into properly extracting the qualities of a piece of music and matching them to a project.

 <br>The Top 5 Biggest Mistakes To Make When Clearing Music For LicensingThe Top 5 Biggest Mistakes To Make When Clearing Music For Licensing

A particularly juicy nugget of wisdom for those new to clearing music. This article features a few tools to navigate the complex world of song clearance while ensuring you don’t drive yourself crazy in the process.


Music Dealers’ Top 10 Buzzing Artists From 2013
Part of the Music Dealers vision involves changing the world for artists. So, we take great pride in being a part of their careers and accomplishments in 2013, and helping them generate substantial buzz. Clicking on the artist’s name will send you to their profile, but we’ve created a playlist of their most popular songs for your listening pleasure that you can access by clicking on the image below:

The Most Listened To Songs On

1) Bean

2) Big Gigantic

3) Bronze Radio Return

4) Carla Morrison

5) EarlyRise

6) JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

7) Locksley

8) Quiet Company

9) Radical Something



Music Dealers’ Most Favorite Artist Placements From 2013

2014 Mitsubishi Mirage “Big Night Out” [TV Commercial]

Mitsubishi wanted to introduce the world to their new vehicle, The Mirage. Being the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid in the country, it is described as a small car for a big life . Check out the TV commercial featuring the feel good, poppy song, “Let’s Go”, by Music Dealers’ artist, Bean. Are you ready to go?

Chevrolet Traverse “Imaginary Friends” [TV Commercial]

Whether your friends are real or imaginary, we think you’ll agree that the song “My Friends” by Music Dealers’ artist Frenetic Sound is a perfectly heartwarming compliment for this new Chevy Traverse TV commercial that we worked on with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

Marbles Brain Beats - Renald Francoeur “Tour The World”

Music Dealers teamed up with Marbles The Brain Store for the second installment of their “Brain Beats” series. You may remember Renald Francoeur’s track, “Tour The States,” from volume 1 of this series - he returns for volume 2 with a track about touring the world. Man, I wish I had these albums when I was in school.


The Top 20 Most Favorited Artists on

This list represents a robust and diverse group of artists, bands, and producers from the Music Dealers roster, and a variety of genres including indie rock, soul revival, indie electronic, and pop rock. Click on the artist’s name to visit their profile.

1) dot dot dot

2) Andrew Oye

3) Twirl

4) Shadows on Stars

5) Alex Plowright

6) Zero Bedroom Apartment

7) Diplomats Of Solid Sound

8) Bronze Radio Return


10) Dr. Dexter

11) The Measels

12) lillulu

13) Canon Logic

14) Joey Stickz

15) Bourbon Rose


17) Girls Love Shoes

18) The Ivorys

19) Alex Khaskin

20) Geographer

Farewell to 2013

As we throw up the peace sign to 2013, we embrace the new year and new possibilities. In 2014, Music Dealers will make great strides toward becoming the global platform for discovering and licensing music and changing the world for artists in the process. We wish you the best as you fulfull your 2014 music goals, whether you’re looking to utilize music to supercharge your content or you’re an artist looking to find success through licensing.

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