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The Super Bowl, an incredible event where top gladiators compete on the world’s largest stage to be crowned champion. We’re talking about advertisers. Before the Super Bowl, Billboard published a piece written by Music Dealers’ CEO Eric Sheinkop entitled, “Power of Music and Branding At Grammys Vs. Super Bowl“ where he analyzed music used in the commercials airing during 2013’s Super Bowl and made predictions for 2014’s Super Bowl ads. With the Super Bowl behind us, here’s his post-game wrap up:

Although both the game and commercials were a bit of a let down for the viewers, in the final quarter of play, the use of music still prevailed to create excitement, engagement, and conversations. The predictions we made rang through right down to the explosion created for brands who actually focused on the use of music.

While Bank of America won for engagement with their U2 “Invisible” free download, Coke won for discussion with their mixed language Star-Spangled Banner. Regardless if you liked any of the commercials or not, the ones that used music surfaced to the top and took the viewer and conversation outside of the TV screen. 

The dark horse this Super Bowl really goes to Shazam, who, through their Big Game experience, engaged fans of football, music, and advertising. They got the most bang for their buck by integrating themselves into almost every ad as well as the halftime show, which allowed viewers to interact with this unique experience. Eric Sheinkop, CEO, Music Dealers

Commercial Roundup

Despite the lopsided game, Eric’s predictions turned out to be pretty accurate. Now, we get to analyze two of our client success storiesMusic Dealers projects that became 2014 Super Bowl commercials!

1) KFC - Bryce Hudson Go Cup Backflip

KFC tapped Music Dealers to help them use music to create strong consumer engagement with KFC’s new #HowDoYouKFC campaign. The spot features motocross superstar Bryce Hudson and an incredible dubstep song selected by Music Dealers’ creatives.

The Challenge: Sourcing The Right Music  KFC’s commercial started as creative social project where users generated unique videos to show how they ate KFC’s Go Cup. KFC was in need of the right music for its brand created Go Cup commercial featuring Bryce Hudson eating from his Go Cup upside down on his motorbike.  

The Solution: Music Supervision  Music Dealers was called in provide music supervision for this particular creative social project. Through a music discovery process with the project team, Music Dealers’ creative team analyzed the nature of the content and the goals of campaign. Leveraging their music catalog on, the creative team sourced multiple songs as equally epic as Bryce Hudson’s soaring flip through the air. Music Dealers’ expertise and quick process helped with both the speed of approvals between the brand and agency, and the quick completion of the overall project.

The Result: From The Web To The Super Bowl  The client’s musical selection from Music Dealers, an epic, dubstep track, resonated with the KFC so well they decided that it should be a broadcast spot and live outside of the initial social media plan. By pre-clearing its music, Music Dealers offered the project team incredible maneuverability and ease when it came to re-negotiating their initial web license for an advertisement. The ad then became a Super Bowl commercial, an incredible feat for a once web-only advertisement, and helped KFC engage consumers socially and through music.

Client: KFC

Date: 11.28.2013

Creative DirectionJessie LaBelleMusic Dealers Client Services

CategoryMusic Supervision

AgencyDraft FCB

Producer/SongwriterGods of Fashion


2) Royal Caribbean International - Destination: WOW

Royal Caribbean’s latest TV commercial lets you experience the joy, awe, surprise, delight, and wonder that comprises a Royal Caribbean vacation. The spot is powered by a commanding exotic, latin-infused, acid jazz tune supervised by Music Dealers.

The ChallengeSourcing The Right Music  Royal Caribbean and its agency JWT were looking for the perfect music to support the visuals of their “Destination Wow” advertisement that would connect sonically with their brand, which represents, fun, excitement, and adventur. 

The Solution: Music Supervision  Music Dealers’ creative director, Jessie LaBelle, searched for the right song that conveyed the exotic and exciting nature of the brand. After sourcing multiple options, Jessie landed on the perfect track that fused Latin/Caribbean elements with a driving, upbeat, acid jazz track. The track successfully spoke to both the ad campaign and the brand’s sonic identity.

The Result: The SuperBowl And Brand Engagement  Music Dealers’ expertise in sonically representing a brand’s attributes through music worked so well for Royal Caribbean that they decided to place the spot on the greatest advertising stage on earth, The Super Bowl. Royal Caribbean also reaped the benefits of strong consumer engagement as social media exploded with praise for the music and requests for the track.  

ClientRoyal Caribbean


Creative DirectionJessie LaBelleMusic Dealers Client Services

CategoryMusic Supervision



SongDipso Calypso

Music Dealers By Christopher Rucks


By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers