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This year, two of the world’s largest brands, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, sought the expertise of Music Dealers to help them devise their musical attention grabbing strategy for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. With Music Dealers, both brands were able to build engagement and organically insert themselves into one of the largest events in the world, through the power of music.

Creating Coca Cola’s Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Theme Song “Vlivaisiya”

Coke’s Olympic anthem, produced by Music Dealers and performed by Russian recording artists L’One and Yazhevika, was created to create excitement and engagement with the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games and the Olympic Torch Relay. Check out the Instagram still of Music Dealers’ CEO Eric Sheinkop running with the torch at 1:17. 

This video highlights Coke’s coverage of the Olympic Torch Relay as the flame makes it way through 83 regions of Russia and features Coke’s 2014 Winter Olympics Anthem, “Vlivaisiya.”

The Challenge: Creating An Engaging Russian Olympic Anthem  Coca-Cola wanted to create an Olympic Anthem that could unite Russian teens, better connect them to the Sochi Winter Games, and spread the positive feel of the Olympics beyond just the city of Sochi to the entire country of Russia. 

The Solution: Custom Song Creation  Coke tasked Music Dealers with the project of creating an engaging custom song that would solve these challenges. Music Dealers sought approval from the Olympic Committee for the anthem; crowdsourced its artist community of 20,000 emerging artists to create the song; localized the song to the Russian language; and paired Black Star Inc. recording artist L’One with Warner Russia recording artist Yazhevika. Music Dealers’ creatives flew to Russia to produce and record the track. The resulting song became Coca-Cola’s Olympic anthem, “Vlivaisiya.”

The Result: From Olympic Theme To Russian Pop Song  Music Dealers was able to produce an extremely successful track that’s transcended an Olympic theme song to become a Russian pop song, playing on radio stations nationwide, with teens and kids everywhere singing along to the words. Coca-Cola never imagined that their Olympic anthem would resonate so well with the people of Russia and are beyond thrilled with the response. The authenticy and quality of the composition has created incredible engagement between the brand, the Russian culture, and the Olympic games. The project also garnered positive press with an article in Adage: “How Coke Teaches The World How To Sing.” 

Client: Coca-Cola

Date: 11.26.2013

Creative Direction: Antony Demekhin, Tim Lincoln; Music Dealers Client Services

Category: Original Song Production

Producer/Songwriter: Renauld Franceur

Performer/Singer: Yazhevika

Performer/Rapper: L’One (Black Star Inc.)

Helping McDonald’s Celebrate The Olympics With A Bite

McDonald’s “Celebrate With A Bite” Olympic advertising campaign visually bridges the history of games with the excitement of the 2014 games that are upon us. The spot is punctuated by an emotionally charged and energetic song from The Wyld, placed by Music Dealers’ creatives. Check out the full story about how this spot unfolded here.

McDonald’s Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Campaign “Celebrate With A Bite” Advertisement

The Challenge: Finding The Perfect Piece Of Music  McDonald’s, looking to place more of a focus on music in this year’s Olympic campaign than in previous years, was looking for the perfect track that simultaneously conveyed the right emotion and built excitement for both the brand and the games.

The Solution: Music Supervision Services  Originally, the musical direction of the piece was an emotional, yet unmemorable sentimental piano piece. Recognizing the goal of using music to make more of an impact, Music Dealers leveraged their industry experience and took the project in a different sonic direction. Music Dealers’ creatives proposed an upbeat and driving instrumental track that complemented the visuals perfectly while creating a strong emotional connection with the viewer. 

The Result: Perfectly Matched Music Just As Powerful As The Visual  Music Dealers was able to help McDonald’s and DDB take a creative musical leap, adding unexpected energy to the advertisement, and developing a more memorable and engaging Olympics campaign as a result. By leveraging the rising star-power of an independent artist, Music Dealers helped make McDonald’s become a source and curator of new music and build consumer engagement through music discovery.

Client: McDonald’s


Creative DirectionJessie LaBelle, Music Dealers Client Services

CategoryMusic Supervision


Artist: The Wyld

SongOdyssey (Instrumental)


By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers